School Education Leadership Development

Goals and Objectives:

The main goal of the school leadership development activities of CALEM would be to equip school leaders to competently and efficiently handle the complex problems and leadership challenges that arise in the academic, financial and administrative aspects of the functioning of their respective institutions, so that they are able to lead and manage schools in a more effective manner. In addition to this, the major goal of the school leadership development activities is also to equip the leaders to lead and transform curriculum and teaching-learning processes to make school education more responsive to the needs of the child and for greater relevance and quality. The objectives of the school leadership activities would be to:

  1. Address common leadership and management challenges.
  2. Develop critical leadership competencies and skills for effective organizational efficiency.
  3. Develop interpersonal competencies, improve organizational effectiveness and develop personal characteristics for leaders and administrators.
  4. To lead and support the diverse workforce, promote team work and create positive working relationship throughout the institution, improve staff performance and efficiency, improve work processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, use creativity and innovation to meet current and future leadership challenges.
  5. Develop critical thinking, judgment and problem solving abilities
  6. Develop capacities to handle and transform curriculum and teaching-learning processes for greater innovativeness, child friendliness, relevance, enjoyability and better learning outcomes.
  7. Develop capacities of leaders in municipal, rural and tribal schools to address the unique and critical challenges faced by them, related to student absenteeism and drop out, poor learning outcomes and teacher performance.