School Education Leadership Development


The total number of leaders to be trained, in the first year (2015-16) of the functioning of the school leadership programmes is 250. However, the sheer challenge and imperative of reaching tens of thousands of small/rural/tribal schools that are in the greatest need of quality improvement remains. Therefore, the following strategies would be adopted for increasing the reach of the school leadership programmes in successive years of functioning:

  1. Hub and spokes model: the CALEM, as Hub of school leadership development,, would be involved in building the capacity of regional leadership academies (spokes) to deliver the school leadership programmes to a wider group. The regional academies/nodal institutions could in turn be involved in mentoring other institutions to increase the reach of school leadership training.
  2. Mechanism for training the trainers for maximum reach: Select trainees of the early batches of the school leadership programmes would be groomed to deliver the school leadership programme to a larger audience
  3. Phase wise scaling up of trainee strength for maximum reach (a trainee strength of 500 school leaders – to be trained at CALEM – in the second year of SELA is aimed at).
  4. Use of online modules and circulation of course materials/assistance in developing course materials for reaching larger numbers of beneficiaries
  5. Partnership with state/district/block/cluster administrative authorities for greater dissemination and reach.