Higher Education Leadership Development

Resource Persons and Delivery :

The Resource Persons (trainers) of the HE leadership training programmes will be leading academics, scholars, academic administrators and leaders, and management experts both from India and abroad. These experts will bring to the training strong knowledge base on conceptual issues and practitioners’ perspective.

The programmes will be delivered through an integrated teaching and learning method involving case studies, group activities, field visits and online virtual sessions. In addition, immersion programmes and exposure visits will also form a part of the training. Additionally, a Professional Experience Plan, developed by the participant and his/her mentor, is to be carried out in their homes or conveniently located campus. The focus will not be only conceptual or theoretical but also practical and participatory: participants of leadership development programmes will be required to apply the learnt skills in simulated situations and also identify actual leadership and management problems in their respective institutions and come up with possible solutions to these problems, as part of the assignments in these programmes. The content to be delivered in the programmes would be informed and shaped by the cutting edge HE research of this HE leadership academy. A variety of programme durations are on offer, including half a day, two days, four days and six days.

Evaluation mechanisms will be built into the actual HE leadership development programmes. At the end of every programme, detailed questionnaires will be given to participants in order to obtain their feedback on the quality and relevance of the content and delivery of the programme. Such feedback, along with verbal suggestions also gleaned from participants during the programme, will be used to refine and further develop the future content, structure and delivery of the leadership development programmes.