Goals & Objective

  1. Develop the capacity, in terms of governance and leadership abilities, of Higher and School Education leaders and to develop excellent Higher and School Education administrators and leaders.
  2. Carry out and disseminate research that can serve to inform and influence decision making in HE institutions and schools and policy making, planning and governance with respect to the field of HE and School education.
  3. Formulate and advocate research based policy suggestions for the advancement of HE and School education in India and to contribute to the strengthening of macro level Higher education and school education policy.
  4. Carry out performance assessment and evaluation of HE and school education bodies and institutions.
  5. Promote data based decision making and policy making and performance management in the field of HE and School Education.
  6. Serve as a platform for sharing ideas and suggestions on improving HE and School Education in India and promote networking and mutual learning among leaders and actors in the field of HE and School Education.


Prof B. Venkatesh Kumar – Chair, CALEM

Prof B. Venkatesh Kumar is Chair of CALEM and also Professor and Chairperson, Center for Public Policy and Governance and also the Director of the National Corporate Social Responsibility Hub at TISS. Prof Kumar is also the Program Chair for the Higher Education Leadership Program and the Chair, Centre for Academic Leadership and Education Management ( set up by MHRD). He is a Non-resident Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Advanced Study of India, University of Pennsylvania. He has a Masters and Doctoral degree in Political Science from University of Mumbai.