Fourth Needs Assessment held at Chennai, 5.03.2016

Fourth Needs Assessment held at Chennai, 5.03.2016

Participant Suggestions regarding content of leadership training:

  1. Capacity Building of the staff: There was a strong demand of capacity building in the following areas –
  2. 21st century teaching skills to update teachers with changes in pedagogy.
  3. Skills to manage disaster and conflict.
  4. Assessment Techniques.
  5. Policies and Procedures: A strong demand was to have standardized policies and procedures; Child Protection Policy, Child Behaviour Policy, School Manual, Roles and Responsibilities of the School Leader and Teachers.
  6. Inclusive Learning: Inclusion of children in differing learning abilities in the classroom. Inclusion of children from economically weaker sections in the private schools.
  7. Parent Engagement: The tools required to deal with parents and engage them effectively.
  8. Data Management: Need of an MIS system. Tools to analyse student data; student composition- gender wise, caste wise, religion wise to ensure diversity. Data on student attendance, data on student health and hygiene.
  9. Value Integration: The integration of ethical values in school curriculum.
  10. Teacher Recruitment and Competency Building: The recruitment of teachers and building of their competencies is also seen as a challenge.
  11. Certifications from technical bodies as ISO, external auditors to audit the safety measures and procedures in the school.

Modalities for Training suggested:

  1. 2 – 3 hour sessions to exchange best practices.
  2. There could be online/software modules once a week.
  3. Introduction of MIS systems in the schools.
  4. Financial Training
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