School Principals and Teachers' Engagement during a Needs Assessment in Chennai.

Needs Assessment and Discussion with the stakeholders in Jaipur.

Centre for
Academic Leadership
Education Management
Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Educational institutions in India (both schools and Higher Education institutions) are complex institutions, and the management of these institutions requires deep understanding, knowledge and skills in leading and managing such kinds of institutions, including cutting-edge skills and knowledge related to financial management, managing people and building teams, strategic planning and performance management.Academic expertise is not sufficient for the successful leadership and management of educational institutions. To build capacities of existing academic leaders and administrators and to draw fresh talent into the management of the school and higher educational systems, TISS proposes to administer training programs for Higher education and school leaders and administrators through the Centre for Academic Leadership and Education Management (CALEM).

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Leadership Development Programme promotes networking and mutual learning among leaders ensuring unfaltering development.


Development of effective school leaders brings about the transformation of schools into continuous advancement.


Ethical Leadership Development in schools connects the goals of the institutions with those of the stakeholders.